Thursday, 12 June 2008

A testing couple of days!

My climbing has been crap, my running has been crap :o(

Monday night saw me unable to sleep due to my back and pelvis giving me the most grief it's done in quite some time. Dunno if it's a mix of an increase in running miles and increase in long days with heavy sack, combined with good 'ole hormonal fluid retention causing some swelling. Was up half the night anway tossing and turning, heating hot water bottle, before finally relenting and necking some pain killers and muscle relaxants.

Was due to climb with Jonathon at 10am at Kirrie on the Tues morning and didn't want to cancel seen as I cancelled last week to save pennies for fuel to Glencoe etc. So I dragged my tired ass and sore back along to the quarry. My climbing was terrible, I was too tired to lead, too tired to even climb well at all and my back was twinging. Ended up taking more painkillers and that perked me up enough to toprope Dogmatic (6a+) a really sustained route, that just doesn't let up until about half way up and then with a wonderful balancey move to the lower off. I had climbed this pre surgery last year and really struggled my way up it, pretty much dogging every move! Managed it better this time, with only one wee rest due to a missed foot hold (I blame the lack of sleep, lol!) Decided, 'to hell with it, I'm gonna go for the clean lead of Spent.' Bad idea! I was awful! I couldn't even seem to get off the ground, just stared blankly at the rock unable to read it at all (not a good start) Eventually made it up to the move before the crux, completely fluffed up my feet and fell off! I was furious! Utterly, utterly furious! The climbers round the corner had left thankfully, as my fiery temper broke the afternoon's peace and quiet. So so angry at myself, I really need to chill out, lol!

Wed, my day for a long run. Pah! I managed a mere 4 miles and each stride was torture, physicaly and mentaly. My legs were tight, my back was tight, twinging in my pelvis. It's funny how, when the joints between your pelvis and spine seize up, it really affects your movement. It's like your centre/core is stiff and you really notice how usually a good flowing movement comes from this area (or should do, lol!) And eejit that I am, my appointment with Mark, the Chiropracter was supposed to be today, whereas I thought it was next Wednesday. He would have loosened things off a treat. The pain has gone now, as it always does, but I feel and am moving like an auld wifey!

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