Friday, 30 May 2008

KINNOULL HILL RACE - Wed 21st May '08

Having started running back in January of this year, after quitting the fags 6 months previously, Kinnoull Hill race was recommended to me as a good 1st hill race. Arrived in Perth around 7ish and walked along to Kinnoull Primary School to register and then back along to Branklyn Gardens carpark for a short warm up run. I was told there would be folks there of all abilities so felt a wee bit intimidated by all the folk there who looked like proper, experienced runners with their club tops on! Race kicked off at 7.30pm and after a flat stretch of road, turned up a track and climbed steeply upwards. The flat start was a bit of a dash to get infront and I was getting overtaken again and again, with feelings of, 'oh what the feck am I doing here, this is way beyond me!' I managed to run the 1st couple of hilly sections but walked the rest, just breaking into a tortured run to get over the brows and back onto the flats. There was a couple overtaking me on the hills but then I'd overtake them on the flats, but that didn't last long and they were soon well ahead! Another lass was behind me for most of the way up and I was determined to stay ahead. Eventually got up the steeper bits and onto a more undulating section and the top of the hill and then it was lots of downhill, yeeha! I love running the downhills! At one steeper bit, I was going so fast with the breaks off and at a tight bend nearly went careening off into the woods! Down at the bottom, after the last downhill, there was a bloke taking photos and just as I was about to give a wee smile and nod, I realised it was my brother and broke into a big grin!

Race was just a short (but sharp) 4 miles and my time was 40mins and 34secs. I came in 109th out of 120 odd and was just pleased not to come in last!

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